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Live Updated Thai Lottery Result for 16th March 2019

Thai Lottery Result for 16th March 2019 Live Updated

On the present time Thai Lottery Result 16th March 2019.

Who is Winning and who has to be patience for that so don’t worry the first Result of Thai Lottery is given by us. So here is the Thailand Lottery Results today Live for 16th March 2019. Get the Updated Results For 16-3-2019

We tend to update Result preliminary. Now Asian Thai Lottery Result 16-3-2019 is declared. Here’s continuously a Thailand Lottery consequence coming plot lucky winner 16/3/2019.The results of 16 March 2019 Here. Thanks for the Patience. the result of 16/3/2019  is now here.

Thai Lotto Result Draw Method 2019

Ten “visitors” unaffiliated with the lottery go to each attracting to go about as official observers. Illustrations are held at GLO Headquarters on the first and sixteenth of consistently. Ought to both of these dates fall on a vacation, the attract is put off to the following day. All illustrations are broadcast from 15:00 to 16:00 on the Day of the Draw.

Check Official Prize Patterns For Today Result

Check Official Prize Patterns For Today Result

Draw Chairman haphazardly chooses a shaded ball to decide the request of lesser prize draws. Four shaded balls mean distinctive prizes:

  1. Yellow Ball is for second prize
  2. Pink for third prize
  3. Green for the fourth prize
  4. Blue for the fifth prize.

Six-digit numbers are drawn for the second, third, fourth, and fifth prizes. All out draws 165.

Three-digit numbers are drawn for the 3-digit prize. All out draws four.

A two-digit number is drawn for the 2-digit prize. All out draws one.

A six-digit number is drawn for the main prize. All out draws one. Likewise reported are the ±1 extraordinary prize numbers.

Draw a two-digit number for the Thai Government Lottery reward prize of 30 million baht*.

Draw a two-digit number for the Thai Charity Lottery reward prize of 22 million baht*.

Following the last three draws, authorities expel balls from machines to demonstrate that each of the 10 numbers were available.


Thailand Lottery Result 16th Feb 2019 Live Updated

Thailand Lottery Result Live Updated 16th March 2019

Thai Lottery 16th March 2019 Lottery Result 

The First Prize of Thai Lottery goes to the number:   724628

The first three digits:     148 883

The last three digits:     154 877

The last two digits:        64

Thai Lottery Result Live Updated For 16th March 2019

thai lottery Results 16th March 2019

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